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[Poll] EMMA single discussion

Hi everyone! NEWS new single "EMMA" is finally out and it's time to tell your opinion about it!

Which is your favorite new song from EMMA single?

Snow Dance
スノードロップ (Snow Drop)

Note: Sakura Girl -Represent NEWS Mix- and I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI -Represent NEWS Mix- are not included in the poll because they are remakes from old songs, It'd be nice if you tell your opinion about these new versions. Also which other old songs you'd like NEWS to record as 4 members :)

We encourage you to vote and share your comments about the songs, explaining which one is your favorite and why, what you like or dislike, etc. Also about the PV and making. We open this post for fandom discussion and we ask for respect regarding the comments. Thank you! ^^

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Snow Dance is my favorite lately 😍
I also liked Sakura Girl and I ZA NA I ZU KI..
I would like it if the record Endless Summer as 4 members <3
It was difficult for me acutally because I like both snow dance and snow drop but after listening like a hundred times and because the atmosphere is more happy I choose Snow dance :) :)
Snow Dance is incredibly catchy! I can't stop playing it...
I didn't really like EMMA at first, but I ended up choosing it because its been stuck in my head almost constantly since I first heard it and it's really grown on me. That said, I also really love Snow Dance.

I would love for them to rerecord Dreams and seconding Endless Summer!

My favorite is snow dance! I can imagine it as an anime opening song!

Just to add, i hope they'll also do a 4nin version of snow express <3

Actually alot of NEWS songs are good as Anime openings, but sadly yonjuushi was a bad choice (plus that anime is an eh)
I didn't like Emma at all, and Snow Drop is another generic ballad, so Snow Dance was a no-brainer for me. I enjoyed hearing the re-recordings of Sakura Girl and I-za-na-i-zu-ki as well.
My first impression of EMMA wasn't good. But then it started growing on me more and more. The sexy PV and performances made up for all my bad first impressions. NEWS trying new challenges is always welcome, and they did a great job with this new single. I'm glad to see a more mature and bold group and I hope they'll continue on this path, never forgetting the cute NEWS we all fell for.

Snow Dance is my favorite. It's cute and so catchy! I love the melody and how the distribution of the verses. The chorus is the best! Heroism never disappoints! :D

Snow Drop is beautiful too, but not one of their best ballads in my opinion. They have much better ones.

Both Sakura Girl and I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI were perfect choices. But instead of including them in singles I'd love to have a Represent NEWS Mix ALBUM if possible lol. And for that I'd like them to include:

- Endless Summer
- Dreams
- Snow Express (NEWS Live Tour 2015 version) <--- This is a must!!!
- Futari/130000000 no Kiseki (NEWS Live Tour 2013 slow version)
I would love a Represent NEWS Mix album
I'd add in your list: Hoshi Wo Mezashite (Quartetto Tour), Forever, Smile Maker as a bonus track
Those are amazing choices too!! I want all of these songs mentioned in the comments and some more. I hope one day they'll get to make it <3


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I have expressed my love (and shed so many tears) for SNOW DANCE. Their vocal ability is pitch perfect on this track! I SERIOUSLY hope they perform this on SCP or in the new con coming up this year (they need to do more b-sides in their shows).
スノードロップ is a close 2nd, I think its a perfect ballad and fits their new formation (even though its been 5 years since they became 4 members).
EMMA Im still getting used to, its catchy as hell but its different, it's not a strong vocal single, but the VISUAL PERFORMANCE makes up for it!

I know SAKURA GIRL and I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI aren't included in the poll but I will say it is SO AWESOME they are re-making some old songs, I really hope they keep it up in the future and do other old songs. I completely agree with Darxina with making a BEST OF re-present NEWS albums.
Yeah, I actually wished that NEWS BEST was a remake of old songs instead of leaving them the way they was.
(Uhm, I'm a little late?) I have listened to the single for days since it's release.
I really like Snow Dance, was my favorite since I listened to the radiorip. The song is cute, catchy and easy to remember. I also like the way each member sings their parts.
I didn't really care about Snow Drop at first. And it changed after times of listening. It gives me comfortable feeling to listen to and the bonus point is sweet lyrics. It's now my favorite of the single.
In EMMA 's case, to be fair, the song isn't bad. It's catchy and I can sing along after one time listen. The lyrics are so-so. But the song didn't meet my expectation, so I just cant like it.