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24 February 2017 @ 11:03 am
The cute fantasy covers are out! ✨🔑


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23 February 2017 @ 11:09 am

[First-run edition]
*“NEVERLAND” exclusive special package
*28-page booklet
*Key to “NEVERLAND” enclosed
*ID to watch streaming contents enclosed
Providing special footage so you can enjoy the world of “NEVERLAND” even more!!
[Distribution Period] 3/21 Tue. 11:00-4/1 Sat. 16:59

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13 February 2017 @ 12:12 pm
NEWS' 8th album titled "NEVERLAND" has been announced to be released in March 22.

"Heat like fire, calm like water, the light of hope and an uplifting dance. The wonder of the absolute love too. Here is the sound of a dream made of all those things. An entertainment masterpiece is right here. If you have the "key", the door will be open to anyone. Let's open the door with NEWS. It's a place where various things can happen. Welcome to Neverland."

Limited edition includes a must-see: NEWS' first fantasy work [NEVERLAND EPISODE.0]. This place is a factory of mechanical gadgets where NEWS work with strange machines. The 4 of them manipulate those mysterious machines and create "keys". What are these keys?!. They story begins here. Let's meet in NEVERLAND where dreams come true.

► Limited Edition (DVD + CD)
Price: 3,900 yen + tax
→ Exclusive special package
→ DVD: 'NEVERLAND EPISODE.0 + Making (25 min)
→ 28-page booklet
→ ID to watch streaming contents
→ CD Tracklist (16 songs):
01. "The entrance"
03. アン・ドゥ・トロワ (Un, deux, trois)
04. EMMA
05. "7 Elements"
06. Brightest
07. Silent Love
08. 恋を知らない君へ (Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e)
09. "Neverland Cast Members"
10. ミステリア (Mysteria)
13. 流れ星 (Nagareboshi)
14. "The Grand Finale"
15. U R not alone
16. "To Be Continued..."

► Regular Edition (CD)
Price: 3,000 yen + tax
→ 20-page booklet
→ 4 members solos
→ CD Tracklist (15 songs)
Same LE 16 tracks + 4 members solos
17. I'm coming - Tegoshi's solo -
18. ニャン太 (Nyanta) - Koyama's solo -
19. あやめ (Ayame) - Kato's solo -
20. FOREVER MINE - Masuda's solo -


The bonus ID code gives access to a special video footage that will allow you enjoy the world of NEVERLAND even more.
[Available period] From 3/21 11:00 (Tuesday) to 4/1 16:59 (Saturday)

BONUS GIFT (for early purchases):
→ LE: Postcard A
→ RE: Postcard B


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10 February 2017 @ 05:48 pm
Hi everyone! NEWS new single "EMMA" is finally out and it's time to tell your opinion about it!

Which is your favorite new song from EMMA single?

Snow Dance
スノードロップ (Snow Drop)

Note: Sakura Girl -Represent NEWS Mix- and I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI -Represent NEWS Mix- are not included in the poll because they are remakes from old songs, It'd be nice if you tell your opinion about these new versions. Also which other old songs you'd like NEWS to record as 4 members :)

We encourage you to vote and share your comments about the songs, explaining which one is your favorite and why, what you like or dislike, etc. Also about the PV and making. We open this post for fandom discussion and we ask for respect regarding the comments. Thank you! ^^

- Sticky post for 3 days -
09 February 2017 @ 10:04 pm
Hello, I've translated EMMA and the two coupling songs!

Snow Dance

And here's a translation of their crosstalk about EMMA from one of the TV guides:

TV LIFE 2.17
08 February 2017 @ 01:21 pm
"EMMA" single is at #1 on Oricon Daily Single rank with 90,301 copies sold on the first day! Check out the full chart here: http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/js/d/2017-02-07/

If you haven't yet made a purchase and would like to do so online, visit this post

Week sales:
- 1st day sales: 90,301 #1
- 2nd day sales: 27,386 #1
- 3rd day sales: 10,989 #1
- 4th day sales: 7,274 #1
- 5th day sales: 5,876 #1
- 6th day sales: 4,340 #1
- Total week sales: 146,166
05 February 2017 @ 12:47 am
Banner 2017.jpg

Paana Playground is hosting another uchiwa project for the upcoming NEWS tour.
If you'd like for your country's flag to be shown, and/or your feelings be taken into a NEWS concert, then this is your opportunity. We will be making an uchiwa with both these things, that we will then take into at least 1 NEWS concert. Above you can see the Uchiwa from last years project displayed.

For further informations go here.

For a summary of last year's project success, go here.
22 December 2016 @ 01:14 pm
NEWS 21st single titled "EMMA" has just been announced to be released on February 8. This song is the opening theme for Shige's new TV drama series "Kirawareru Yuki" starting on January.

The title of the single "EMMA" is a girl's name. The single features the worldview of American hard-boiled detectives, and it's a mature and sensual love story. It's overwhelming aggresive and catchy, and the greatest uptempo high-energy song in the group's history. The song has a fantastic sound, and it's filled with expression and new challenges for NEWS.

The single comes in 3 editions. The Limited Edition A comes with a bonus DVD; the Limited Edition B includes the recording of two iconic NEWS songs by the four members; the Regular Edition included one different bonus song.


► Limited Edition A (CD + DVD)
Price: 1,400 yen + tax
→ 2 side-4-page booklet
→ DVD: "EMMA" Music Clip + Making (approx. 28 min.)
CD Tracklist:
01. EMMA
02. Snow Dance

► Limited Edition B (CD)
Price: 1,400 yen + tax
→ 12-page booklet
→ 2 bonus songs: Sakura Girl + I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI
CD Tracklist:
01. EMMA
02. Snow Dance
03: Sakura Girl - Represent NEWS Mix-
04. I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI - Represent NEWS Mix-

► Regular Edition (CD)
Price: 1,100 yen + tax
→ 3-side-6-page booklet
→ 1 bonus song: Title undecided
CD Tracklist:
01. EMMA
02. Snow Dance
03. Snow Drop
04. EMMA (Original Karaoke)
05. Snow Dance (Original Karaoke)
06. Snow Drop (Original Karaoke)

All 3 editions come with a first-press external bonus as long as stock is available:
→ LE A - Clearfile A (A4 size)
→ LE B - Clearfile B (A4 size)
→ RE - Clearfile C (A4 size)


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21 December 2016 @ 02:36 pm
Hi! I tried translating one of NEWS' nonsensical MCs!

I translated this for a friend but I thought it would be wasteful if I just shared it with her...

However, I'd like to point out that this is a rough translation that is far from perfect and it has plenty of mistakes since I'm still learning... But if you don't mind that feel free to check it out!

You can read it here!

If you'd like a more clear and brief summary of this MC though, I suggest double_parka's post here.

If you'd like to tell me any mistakes & change them please message me so I can do so!

27 November 2016 @ 09:34 pm
Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ will release 2 DVD boxes in celebration of its 10th anniversary, titled BLUE and RED. The DVD boxes include selected previously-aired segments, studio talk among ItteQ cast members specially recorded for the DVD boxes, and ItteQ Radio which is an audio commentary by ItteQ cast and staff members.

The release date is 26 February 2017.

Several of Tego's segments are included, namely:

Shuffle Segment Selection
- Uchimura, Tegoshi, Miyagawa's Hotspring Club in New Zealand (Aired 20120429)
Masterpiece Selection
- Tegoshi Challenges the World's Scariest Bungee Jump (Aired 20101010)

Tegoshi Yuya's Entertainer Selection
- Airplane Barefoot Waterskiing in America (Aired 20140921)
- Double Dutch in Spain (Aired 20151108)
- Glitter Painting in France (Aired 20121014)
- Traditional Bamboo Dance in the Philippines (Aired 20140706)
- Tannoura in Turkey (Aired 20140601)

Buy both BLUE and RED at the same time and receive an extra DVD containing the Seven-man Snow Festival (aired 201410105), which also features Tego. This extra DVD is while stocks last.

Pre-order links:
Amazon Japan (discounted) BLUE RED

HMV Japan (discounted) BLUE RED

Tower Records Japan BLUE RED